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Forest Park star Lexi Gussert will take her talents to East Lansing to be a Spartan at Michigan State

July 18, 2013

Good news coming from the Upper Peninsula today. 2014 Senior Lexi Gussert from Forest Park has announced that she will be attending Michigan State University and letter in basketball.

lex lexi gus… I am a huge fan of Lexi Gussert as a person and as a basketball player. Whenever I watched her play this past season she was very unselfish, scored at will, and was the best teammate on the floor. I am so proud of her decision and I am very happy that she is staying in Michigan to play for the Spartans so she can always display that UP pride in East Lansing. The best part about the announcement is that she can have a great senior year at Forest Park and her family can live in peace and happiness. Sometimes student-athletes get bogged down with their big decision during the season and it becomes a distraction and can affect their game. I am glad she took the high road and got the decision out of the way before the start of the basketball season. I know she will do big things for head coach Suzy Merchant when she gets to campus in 2014 because she is a winner and will do anything to be successful. Now the goal for this high school senior is to bring a state title back to Crystal Falls and to become Mrs. Basketball in the state of Michigan. I am so excited for Lexi and I can’t wait to watch her play college ball in the future. She is turning into a Spartan after being a Trojan for the past four years…

“You just got punked! Twitter style…”

March 19, 2012


(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Texas Rangers catcher Mike Napoli didn’t find what was supposed to be a joke by former teammate C.J. Wilson, tweeting his cell phone number over the weekend, to be all that funny.

Now with the Los Angeles Angels, Wilson tweeted Napoli’s number to more than 116,000 of his followers this weekend. The tweet has since been deleted, but Wilson’s timeline is filled with mentions of the incident, and he reportedly received a number of calls and texts.

This all started when Napoli put on twitter that he was looking forward to hitting home runs off the left-hander.  CJ Wilson wanted his revenge.

After posting the number, Wilson later tweeted: “Okay I think we’ve all had a good time, I’m even with mike for saying he can’t wait to hit homers off me.”

Napoli said he can’t do anything about what Wilson did, nor will he retaliate.

“I don’t know what he’s doing or what his meaning was behind it,” Napoli said Monday. “He really doesn’t know me that well to kind of do that. I haven’t talked to him in a while.”

If Wilson was upset, Napoli said the Angels pitcher should’ve just called him rather than getting back at him via social media.

“If I have a problem with somebody, I’m going to call them,” Napoli told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I just think it was uncalled for. …

“You don’t do that. I am not taking it as a prank.”

I love it when athletes use twitter but not in the way these two players used it. I get the rivalry and the fun behind it but come April, I think we will see Napoli hit in the back with a pitch when these two teams meet. I am actually excited to see what evolves of this. Will this be a season long battle or just some fun between former players getting into the others head? I mean, these two were one game away from a World Series title and look at them now. All they care about is making fun of each other rather than actually getting to the bottom line. These players need to produce on the field in baseball games and not in the locker room with the internet. The internet is a great tool, but it could bite you in the butt when you don’t use it correctly…

I’m a good luck charm to Fordham Basketball

February 13, 2012

This is what Junior Forward Chris Gaston tweeted to me last night:

When I was home, Fordham won 3 out of 4 home games including upsets over #21 Harvard and Georgia Tech. The connection I have with some of the players is the reason I love being in the media and I love Fordham basketball. Fordham to me = Family. The way they played over that stretch was inspiring basketball and everytime I was there I could feel that energy and passion. Over the past few games there hasn’t been that energy to finish off ball games and sometimes I wish I wasn’t 1,000 miles away. I wish I was Fordham’s good luck charm every single game of the year and could make that impact moving forward. This tweet from Chris has been an honor to one of the biggest Fordham basketball fans since 2004…

Nationals Bryce Harper Update

July 7, 2011

Bryce Harper is a phenom and this tweet shows everything. The kid can really hit the baseball and the call up was needed. He was batting .318 with 14 home runs and 19 stolen bases. However, what I don’t agree with in Bryce is his attitude towards the game sometimes. Was he really bored in single A? Was it a problem playing in Hagerstown? These are the questions I ask when talking about this season for him. He is a young 18-year-old and he can really play the game but if he does actions like this in the majors, he might get plunked one time or another…

Are you addicted to twitter? Florida Marlins Logan Morrison sure is

June 5, 2011


Logan Morrisontweets to the amusement of thousands and the dismay of his team’s top executive.

The 23-year-old left fielder known as “LoMo” may lead the league in Twitter wisecracks.

“It’s amazing how many people take you seriously,” he says. “I don’t take it seriously at all.”

That’s what worries team president David Samson. The Marlins monitor tweets by all of their employees, and Samson says he has warned Morrison that his R-rated material could carry negative repercussions.

“I’m not a dinosaur,” Samson says, “but I’m not thrilled. It’s very scary to me. I’ve told Logan, ‘People are waiting for you to make a mistake. They’re going to bait you on Twitter to say something inappropriate that you can never take back.’

“It takes an entire career to build a reputation, and one tweet to lose it. As long as he understands that, it’s fine.”

Morrison has more than 26,000 followers. That total’s impressive considering he’s less than halfway through his first full season in the major leagues and plays for the Florida Marlins, a team unaccustomed to attention.

Morrison estimates the age of his audience at 15 and up. He says he’ll tweet with asterisks on occasion but otherwise sees no need for self-censorship because kids are going to come across the language he uses somewhere else anyway.

“If you don’t want to follow me, don’t follow me,” he says with a shrug.

Not all of his humor is of the clubhouse variety. Many LoMo tweets can be fun for the whole family.

But Morrison also tweets about sex, body parts, the Miami Heat and humidity, odorous cabbies, the Philadelphia Phillies and the injury that sidelined Morrison in April.

“Breaking news: sprained ligament in my foot out 2 to 4 weeks,” he tweeted. “Told u fantasy people not to pick me up.”

Morrison says he’s just being himself: a native of Kansas City, Mo., who grew up a Coast Guard brat, lost his father to lung cancer and is blessed with the ability to hit a major league curve.

Whether he’s sitting at his locker, watching TV at home or eating at a restaurant, LoMo’s liable to be tapping out a message on his iPhone. When asked if he would ever tweet during a game, Morrison hesitates before saying no.

“I think he has a slight addiction,” teammate John Buck says.

Morrison engages in exchanges with his Twitter followers, unlike celebrity athletes who limit their tweeting to status reports on dinner plans and such. Morrison says he understands why famous Twitterers might dislike interacting with the not-famous, but he sees it as a chance to break down barriers and show he’s a regular guy.

Morrison also freely concedes he’s trying to promote himself. He began using Twitter before the 2010 season at the suggestion of his agent, Fred Wray, who saw it as a way to expand the LoMo brand.

“Twitter fit Logan,” Wray says. “It’s an online conversation, and Logan likes to talk. He has the gift of gab.”

Soon after Morrison reached the majors last July, his followers outnumbered attendance at the typical Marlins home game.

“The main goal was to get my name out there and make me more money and bring more money to the causes I support, like the American Lung Association,” Morrison says. “In this market you’ve got to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do to get followers, and it’s working.”

His late father’s battle with lung cancer ended in December, and Morrison traded stories about the illness with others on Twitter. After he recovered from his foot injury, his auctioned cast sold for $1,500, with the money going to the lung association.

Morrison adopted another cause: campaigning for Marlins first baseman Gaby Sanchez to make the All-Star team.

If not for Morrison’s injury, he might be a contender himself. After hitting .283 in 62 games as a rookie last year, this season he’s a big part of the Marlins’ surprising success, batting .322 with six home runs through Monday.

When it comes to Twitter popularity, Morrison can’t rival Nick Swisher (1.3 million followers), Jose Canseco (394,000) or even Ozzie Guillen (143,000). But he figures the best way to gain ground on them is with base hits.

“Obviously the better I do, the more followers I’m going to get,” he says. “I’m sure it will be way up if I make an All-Star Game; it doesn’t matter how original or funny I am on there.”

On that point, Morrison and the Marlins brass agree.

“I’ve told Logan,” Samson says, “no one will care about his tweets if they’re coming from New Orleans (where the Marlins’ Triple-A team plays).”

This article is pretty awesome in my opinion because I have a twitter and I know where he is coming from. I really like twitter but I do treat it more professional than I do personal. I don’t really publicize about my life but more about my career and about the sports that I love. Many people get addicted to this website and want everyone to follow them and they update every second of their life just like Logan Morrison does with the Marlins. To me, the best part of the article is the last sentence, ” “no one will care about his tweets if they’re coming from New Orleans (where the Marlins’ Triple-A team plays).” This statment is very true because if he wasn’t a major league outfielder then no one would really care about his twitter account. You need to be famous to make it big in the world, if not then no one really cares. I think after this publicity he will probably get more followers but will also not be as blunt and honest with his words like he was before. In the end, I did follow him on twitter. He is really amusing…

Quote of the Day

February 14, 2011

Via Tweet Deck:

#Braves reliever Peter Moylan on going from 248 lbs to 225:

“I had to, I was fat as s— last year. There comes a time when you look at yourself and go, alright, time to stop…. It doesn’t come off as easily as it used to. I worked my ass off, now it’s off. Hopefully I can keep it off during the season.”

“I walked in yesterday and got on the scales and it was not 225.3, it was 223 on the money. I couldn’t believe it.”

This quote is just hilarious because Moylan is so honest and sincere about his weight. He comes all out and tells everyone that he needed to lose the weight to pitch better in the MLB. Surprisingly, I have to agree with him. The reason is because as a submarine thrower, you do not want to have extra body fat to prevent you from leaning down on your wind up. I believe with the weight loss this season, he will be even more effective this season than he was last season. Now that the Braves are without manager Bobby Cox, they need to change this guy to a 7th or 8th inning guy rather than a right handed specialist…

The Coach K Effect

January 19, 2011

Just saw this video on Rudy Gay’s Twitter:

…This video is interesting because all the players in the video have stepped up to the high level this past year. Kevin Love is playing 20 pt and 20 reb games like he is on the streetball courts, Rudy Gay is becoming a premiere scorer and leader for the Memphis Grizzlies, Derek Rose is having a double-double almost every night, and Kevin Durant is a young star and scoring leader in the league. I then realized that Coach K has a big effect on the player’s game even though he coaches college basketball. He knows how to coach at any level and to see all the players on the team have great seasons up to this point is something scouts and others have to look at when they see someone has been coached by Mike Krzyzewski. That is why Duke keeps winning national championships and has been ranked in the top 10 for so many years…