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Video: Fordham Men’s Basketball Report – UMass Recap and VCU Preview

January 29, 2014

The Sports Cycle’s Donnie Dwyer breaks down the 90-52 loss to the #13 ranked UMass Minutemen in Amherst with highlights and defensive analysis. He also previews the matchup against the VCU Rams Wednesday night at  7PM on the road.

VCU Rams basketball plans to increase student fees next season

May 26, 2011


Virginia Commonwealth University plans to increase student fees so it can give $733,000 more to the basketball program, including for coaches’ raises.

Head coach Shaka Smart was given a $1.2 million contract after taking the Rams to the NCAA Final Four this past season.

According to VCU’s budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1, the school plans to increase its mandatory university fee by $50 per student to raise about $11 million for intercollegiate athletics, an $875,000 increase.

VCU figures show that 37 percent of the $1,637 per-student university fee for 2011-12 will go toward intercollegiate athletics. That includes salaries, scholarships, and sports-facility repairs.

Spokeswoman Pam Lepley said Tuesday that private donations and ticket revenue, along with the university fee allocation, fund VCU athletics programs.

This is smart for the VCU basketball program, excuse my pun. However, should money be spent on athletics in the NCAA? And, should the students be responsible for providing salaries for coaches and programs? Economists keeps saying that no one has money to spend in the United States but we are spending money on athletics left and right. I have spoken to a few studnets from VCU and they like that the program is going to get more recognition from their Final Four run but they don’t think it is worth the extra money. Honestly,  I agree with them…

…I go to a college basketball school in Marquette and I will say that they are very dedicated to spending money on the team. When I was there as a freshman, season tickets were $75 a student and that wasn’t a bad price. Now over the last two years, they have been raised to $100. It is worth it because our team is always very good and we play in the Bradley Center, an NBA arena. However, besides the Wisconsin matchup and the Big East games we had to see the likes of Prairie View A&M and Centenary. Is it worth all that money? Some students say yes and some say no. I love college basketball and would spend the money for the games but some don’t believe their money should go to athletics. It’s a big debate around the college sports world. Would you spend the money? Isn’t it all about education…